Streetball XXL

  • • Field: Letterwork • Client: Street Beat • Year: 2020
  • • Typefaces: Kabeltouw created by Egor Golovyrin,
    CoFo Kak by Contrast Foundry
  • XXL Basketball is a street sports festival that hosted streetball competitions. Streetbeat organized two venues, marking them with their corporate colors. The main visual idea of these venues were quotes from great players, solved in a special typographic way — one with a quote from Michael Jordan and the other from LeBron James. The lettering neatly follows the outline of the field markings and distorts, filling the surface with itself, thereby branding the surface. Stencil aesthetics lend street style, referring to the graffiti culture, succinctly blending into the location. The modular font at the heart of typography helps to fully reveal the industrial image and creates a unique, recognizable form for the entire project.

    The two famous quotes

    Final concept


    Customized Street Beat wordmark for stencil cut

    Captions stencil lettering.
    (Based on the CoFo Kak typeface)


    Proposal. Concepts for the names captions